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Rajasthan, one of the most colorful states of India is a land of rich heritage such as magnificent forts and monuments, outstanding temples and palaces. The Thar Desert and The Aravali Range are the unique features of Rajasthan. Jaipur, also known as Pink City, is the center of attraction among tourists. Rajasthan tours give opportunities to see various beautiful places such as Bikaner, Udaipur, Jaipur, Mount Abu and many more.

Every year larger number of tourists come here to explore the ancient forts and palaces. Despite of being the hottest state of India, it has famous hill station known as Mount Abu. One can plan Rajasthan tour in any season throughout the year for wildlife tour, desert tour, heritage tour etc.

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05 Days/ 04 Nights
Destinations: Delhi to Agra (01 Night) to Jaipur (02 Nights) to Delhi (01 Night).

Agra, Jaipur Tour

agra jaipur tour
03 Days / 02 Nights
Destinations: Delhi (Arrive) - Agra (01 Night) - Jaipur (01 Night) - Delhi Drop....

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Umaid Bhawan Palace

umaid bhawan palace Attractions: One of the Grandest and Most Opulent Palaces of the World

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Rajasthan Jaipur And Tigers

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6 Nights/ 7 Days)
Attractions: Rajasthan Forts and Palaces, Tiger the Magnificent King of Jungles....

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Mount Abu Tour

mount abu Attractions: Rajasthan Summer Hill Station & Lakes

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Rajasthan an Overview

Rajasthan, the largest state (in area) of India is situated in the northwestern part of India. Jaipur, also known as the Pink City is the capital of Rajasthan. This largest state of India covers an area of 342,000 sq km. Marwari, Mewari, Dhundhari, Mewati and Hadauti are five prime Rajasthani languages and spoken by local people. The Aravali Range in Rajasthan is one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world. Mount Abu is the only hill station in Rajasthan, situated at 1720 m in height in the northeast.Read More

fair and festival

Rajasthan is also known "Land of Celebration" and is most vibrant places in India because of its colorful fairs and festivals. Festival raise the charm of rajasthan tour. Fairs and Festivals offer a chance for tourists and travelers to have a glimpse into the culture, history and art of Rajasthan. Some of the most popular fairs and festivals are Desert Festival, Camel and Elephant festival, Teej, Marwar, Pusker festival and Kite festival. The people of Rajasthan celebrate festivals throughout the year.Read More

Colorful Rajasthan

The physiography of Rajasthan can be divided into three landforms, which are sandy hills, plains and sand dunes. Due to varied topographic features, the most part of the state is dominated by dry and parched region. The broad topography of the state includes rolling sand dunes, barren tracts, rocky terrain and land filled with plateaus, thorny shrubs, and wooded regions. Aravalli Range, Thar Desert, Banas Basin, Vindhyan Scarland, Deccan Lava Plateau and Ghaggar Plain are major physiographical regions in Rajasthan. Read More

Colorful Rajasthan

Due to geographical diversity, the climate of the state can be divided into four seasons, which are Post-monsoon, summer, winter and Monsoon. From October to November is the post monsoon season, the maximum temperature could be between 32° C to 39° C, and the minimum could be 18 to 20° C. Summer season start from April till June, the temperature in summer could be between 33° C to 44° C. From December to March, is the winter season and the temperature ranges from 9° C to 26° C. Monsoon season (from July to September) and the temperature ranges from 34° C to 40° C.Read More

Rajsthan Map

Rajasthan, the largest state of India is among most favored travel destinations for tourists and travelers, who want to enjoy the charm of nature, heritage of Raja & Maharaja's and vibrant culture. The state has a variety of attractions like Fascinating Forts and Monuments, Havelis, Majestic Palaces, Spectacular Deserts, Wooded Hills and Temples dating back to the 7th century to suit every kind of tourists taste. During Rajasthan tour, you will enjoy many things such as a bustling bazaar, local fair and festivals or amazing architectural wonders. Undoubtedly, it is a magical land of fantasies.

Colorful Rajasthan

It's Culture, Traditions, majestic forts, wonderful lakes Heritage, shining Sand Dunes, Safaris of Camels and Elephants, Lush Forests, Exotic Wildlife and Colorful Fairs and Festivals have made it a vibrant travel destination. Anyone can explore the vibrant Rajasthan in their own unique way during their Rajasthan tour.

 history and culture

The living traditions and culture of Rajasthan which fascinates one and all and beckons you again and again is rooted in the history of the region. This history drawing heavily from the Medieval Age enthralls us with the real stories of Gallant and valour and is still kept alive in lives of the denizens. However, the history of Rajasthan isnt all about the medieval age but is as old as the history of India itself. It runs simultaneous with the Harappa and Mohejodaro Civilisation also popularly called as the Indus Valley Civilisation.

Rajsthan Map

It has a unique and attractive architecture, and is famous for it across the world. The architecture is mainly based on the Rajput school of architecture that was a mix of the Hindu and Mughal structural design. The stupendous places and forts, Grand Havelis and Ancient Temples are important parts of the architectural heritage of Rajasthan.

Paintings & Handicraft in Rajasthan

It is a great land of heritage in terms of paintings and Handicrafts. The Rajasthani handicrafts are famous worldwide for their exquisite flavor. Jewelry, Wooden Furniture, Colorful textiles, Carpets and Durries are few the most famous handicrafts of Rajasthan. Paintings of Rajasthan displaying the glorious history of Rajasthan and are the most scintillation jewels of the handicrafts of this state.

dance and music

Rajasthan is known for the color and vibrancy of its folk Dance and Music. Every region has its own form of folk music and dance. People of Rajasthan performed these folk dances in ceremonial / special occasions. Jhumar and Ghumar at the most famous dances in Rajasthan, and are performed mostly on every occasion and celebrations. Apart from Ghumar and Jhumar, Rasiya' Dhol' Fire Dance, Dances of Kalbelia Kachhi Ghodi, and Snake Dances are also popular dances of Rajasthan. Professional Dance performers like the Bhaats, Mirasis, Bhands, Dholis and Bhopas omnipresent all around the state.

Cuisine in Rajasthan

Every State and Region of India has its own traditional mouth watering dishes and specialties. In most of the kitchens of Rajasthan, food is the very serious and important business. Most of the Rajasthani dishes are spicy in comparison to other state of India. Ghee is used for cooking almost every dish of Rajasthan. Don't miss the chance to taste Dal batti at your trip. Some of the popular Rajasthani dishes are Bail-Gatte, Besan-Chakki, Chaavadi, Churma, Dal-Bati, Googri, Raabdi, Beans ki sabji, Gajar ki sabji, etc. You can also enjoy an enormous variety of sweets in Rajasthan.Read More

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